He responded and told me...

Russell, I've made as much as $400,000 in pay per week. I  was able to make $8 MILLION a month - every month - using a few simple letters.  I've done it all.  I'm one of the guys who "knows what they're talking about."

And since I'm unofficially "retired" for at least the next couple of years... I don't feel "threatened" releasing my priceless trade secrets. I want to show you how absolutely USELESS most "experts" are.

I will show you exactly HOW someone can apply these techniques to an online business!"

- Vince

The following 6 hours (yes, I couldn't stop after just 3) gave me a paradigm shift that has earned me an extra $5 million dollars in the past 2 years alone!

Keep reading below to find out HOW you get can access to this behind the scenes consultation-including an extra BONUS hour NEVER revealed before where I "bridge the gap" between Vince's secrets and your business - so you can earn more money than EVER!


From: Russell Brunson
Date: (insert date script)

Would you take wealth-building advice from a convicted felon? Sounds like a silly question, doesn't it? Well, don't make up your mind too quickly because I've got a story to tell you that sounds something out of "The Godfather".

Listen: A couple year ago, I spent several hours on the phone with a 28-year old guy who made $122 million dollars in 23 months. The best part is the guy had a learning disability...had NO formal education...and almost NO talent!

The bad news is this: he made some mistakes and actually spent time in jail. He's been called "shady"..."ethically-challenged"...and other names I cannot repeat in this letter.

But here's where it gets good: He wrote a VERY controversial book outlining powerful (and LEGAL) wealth-building secrets you won't find in ANY course or "business" book. Plus there isn't a college campus or professor who teaches ANY of these secrets!

Here's what this means to you:

Now I'm sure your skeptical. You're probably wondering if what I'm going to show you is going to get you in trouble with the Mafia. Relax, I understand your skepticism...and, rest assured, what I'm going to reveal to you is 100% LEGAL.

So if you suspend your skepticism and read every single word of this message, I'll show you how I was able to use this ex-con's secrets to LEGALLY earn an extra $2,236,667 (that's OVER 2 million dollars!) last year--even though I had NO prior business experience, NO talent, and NO special education!

Best part? I only used 2% of his wealth-building tactics. What does this mean to you? If you just applied a FRACTION of his secrets, you could be banking a decent $500...$1,500...even $15,000...and MORE each and every month!

Now before I tell you what I learned from this convicted felon, let me tell you...

About 2 years ago, when my wife and I went on a cruise to celebrate my college graduation--and also the news that we are having twin boys. About a week before we set sail, I heard a rumor about his very controversial book.

I figured it would be great reading on the plane so I ordered it and made sure it would be shipped to me before I left. I got it the day we were flying out, and put it into my backpack.

We had a 4 hour flight, so while my wife watched "Madagascar" on the plane, I started reading the book. After reading just the introduction I saw exactly what the hype and controversy was about.

Four hours later I was annoyed that we had to get off the plane because I wasn't finished reading the book. Over the next 7 days of our cruise I read and re-read the book 3 times!

What I read in this book blew me away! I'm not going to bore you with my version of what this book is about, so I decided to let the book speak for itself...

I was born in northern New Jersey on January 23rd, 1974.

I grew-up poor- single parent household. I think I had some sort of learning disability, because as a child, I could not retain anything I learned in school. I'd study like hell for an upcoming test... but as soon as I finished reading a chapter in my school book... I couldn't remember what I just read. It would not penetrate into my brain. It was extremely discouraging, so I gave up. I failed everything... even P.E. class.

I finally dropped out in the 10th grade. Nobody seemed to mind.

No matter how hard I tried, it always seemed like I wasn't going to amount to anything real important in life. And this really sucked because I had a passion for the finer things. I wanted the gold Rolex, the sporty Mercedes, and the Million-Dollar Mega Mansion!

But when I looked in the mirror, I didn't like what I saw. I was convinced the good life I wanted was just a dream.

But that was all about to change. Seriously- by the time I was 19, I had a brand-new Corvette. At 20, I had 2 brand-new Mercedes Benz automobiles. And at 21, I was the proud owner of a Rolls Royce Silver Spur!

By the time I turned 28... I made over $100 Million in gross sales. I profited over $50 Million. I owned two homes- one of them was 14,000 square feet and had a seven-car garage, a billiards room and a resort-style pool with an underwater bar! And I paid cash for the home!

In my garage, I had a red Lamborghini Diablo, a yellow Ferrari 360 Spider, a white Bentley Arnage Red Label, about 4 Mercedes, and a 12-passenger Lincoln Town Car Limo!

My checking account had over $10 Million in it. I was earning $400,000 in pay each and every week. That breaks down to $80,000 a day... or $10,000 an hour! And those figures were if I worked 5 days a week for eight hours a day, which I didn't!

In the year 2002, I made more money than the CEOs of Federal Express... eBay... Amazon.com... Time Warner... Apple Computer... McDonalds... Microsoft... Nike... Yahoo... Ford Motor Company... General Motors... and Goodyear Tire- COMBINED!


In the May 12th, 2003 issue, Forbes Magazine listed their top paid 500 CEOs in America. Of their prominent and prestigious list of the 500 CEOs, I made more money than 483 of them.

$17,549,000 MORE than the CEO of Starbucks.

$13,030,000 MORE than the CEO of Target.

$17,225,000 MORE than the CEO of Motorola.

Now, this may all seem like I'm some rich idiot bragging about how rich I am... and you're partly correct. I am bragging! But more importantly, the reason why I'm telling you about all this is that this course is about getting rich very quickly. If the talk of obscene money makes you feel uncomfortable, or even angers you, maybe you do not really want to be rich.

The reason why I'm telling you about all the toys I had when I was just 28, is to prove to you that if an guy like me... with a learning disability... a bad childhood... and no formal education can get filthy rich by the time I was 28... you can absolutely follow in my footsteps and build yourself your very own empire of wealth!

The book was called the "12 Month Millionaire," and the authors name is Vince James.

Now don't worry, I'm not going to try to sell you Vince's book. In fact, you can't get a copy now if you wanted to. Vince stopped printing the book and selling it almost two years ago.

The only way you can get a copy of it, is if some sap is dumb enough to post his copy on eBay... (and between you and me, the only way that could ever happen is if he was about to lose his house, because the book is THAT good!)

I have seen a few people selling a watered-down version of the book that Vince sold resale rights to, but the ORIGINAL book is gone until Vince decides to bring it back.

Now, I had experienced decent success online up to that point. But it wasn't even CLOSE to what this guy achieved in only 23 months!

Now before I tell you more about how I caught up with Vince, let me call a "time-out" here and explain what I thought when I first heard of this book.

You see, I've bought a lot of "dud" products that weren't worth the paper they were printed on. So when I heard all the hoopla about this book, I was skeptical...thinking:

But get this: The sales letter for the book had the following testimonial from none other than the late copywriting icon and marketing genius: Gary Halbert...

"I believe this is by far the most important marketing product ever put together. In it, he reveals a lot of secrets that even I have never before revealed to anyone (except a few clients and my closest friends).

If you dare say the information you get from this product was already known to you or it wasn't worth the money, you are much more than a $#%@%. You are a stone-cold, unethical liar.

Believe it or not, much of this information is so electrifying; it was unknown even to me. And I am now using these secrets when I create advertising for myself or for my clients."

Gary Halbert
"The Prince of Print"

I'm a HUGE Gary Halbert fan. I know he didn't endorse a product unless it was the real deal. So, I bought a copy and spend almost 90% of my Caribbean cruise reading this book. My wife kept nagging me but I simply couldn't put it down!

Then something astonishing occurred to me: If this guy knows how to rake in $77 million dollars in a year, he's gotta know something about making the big bucks online!

So I spend weeks trying to find him, sent him the email you saw above, and when I got his phone number:

For those who have hired Vince before, you know that he charges up to $5,000 an hour for his time. For me to get on the call with him for 3 hours was NOT cheap.

And after the first 3 hours, I was only through half of my questions, so we decided to go for 3 more hours the next weekend.

Here's just a sliver of what he taught me on that call---most of which I kept under wraps for almost two years now (more on that later):

  • The ONLY way you can become a millionaire that requires NO education and NO special skills (If your "master plan" for making tons of money is NOT on his list… you’re never going to make the BIG BUCKS!)
  • How to “OWN” the formula to any dietary supplement in 10 minutes or less...regardless of the supplement (It's the dirty little secrets of dietary supplement manufacturers. Most people people think it's downright stealing...but it ain't!)
  • How he shipped over $7 Million worth of car stereo- (for free) without touching one speaker…amplifier…or CD Changer.
  • A proven, no brainer way to add automatic shipments to any product (Believe me, autoship is the easiest way to make MILLIONS!)
  • The only 2 ways to gauge Lifetime Customer Value--(most "newbies" screw this one up big time!)
  • His secret “3-S” formula to come up with KILLER sales letters on demand… and how even a novice can steal his secrets and create million-dollar winners- at will!
  • The ONLY 4 reasons why your prospects WILL NOT buy from your ads, sales letters, or websites (overcome these 4 objections… and it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to make the sale!)
  • ...And a Whole LOT More!

Now, I have invested over $180,000 now on my marketing education in the past 2 years.
In fact, if you'd walk into my office today, you'd see my walls are swamped with marketing seminars, tapes, CDs, books, and courses.

But during that coaching session (which I luckily recorded), I realized:

I did some math, and because of things that I learned directly from this interview series, I have pocketed literally millions of dollars!

Just take a look at one of my merchant accounts:

Now, that would be really impressive if that was my only account, but it isn't. I have 5 others that look just like this!

The best part is this: I only used a COUPLE of Vince's money-making secrets he revealed on that coaching call. This makes sense, considering I "only" made $2.2 million dollars in a year compared to Vince's astounding $77 million in a SINGLE year.

So, do you think I was going to reveal these recordings when I spent time and thousands of dollars to contact this guy?

Forget about it!

I have kept the recordings of this coaching session secret for a full 1 1/2 years. And during that time I exploited Vince's secrets to accomplish the following:

My company has grown from a 3-man operation in my duplex to 25 full-time employees in an office building! (Not to mention the 17 guys downstairs in our call center, and half a dozen other full time employees overseas)
My customer (buyer) lists have skyrocketed ten times...and they all are trained to spend like a sailor on leave
Attendance of my $5000-per head workshops quadrupled in three months!
I turned into one of the most sought-after internet marketers on the planet! I get asked to speak at seminars and workshops all over the world (but turn most of them down to be with my family).

I became one of the few internet marketers to implement Vincent's secrets (and become a multi-millionaire as a result!)

Now I don't mean to toot my own horn. I'm saying this because this stuff works. Pure and simple. I've kept it a secret for the past 1 1/2 years so I could personally test the techniques and prove once and for all that they work!

That is...until I released this audio in October 2007 ... and over 10,000 people gobbled up these secrets and some started putting them in ACTION for their own business.

You see, people are so used to relying on internet marketing strategies like pay-per-click, SEO, and article marketing that they are oblivious to the potential of implementing Vince James secrets.

So I decided to record an hour-long audio where I reveal the SPECIFIC 7 steps of how I implemented Vince's secrets to boost my business from a mere 6-figure business to an 8 figure business in 2009. And I did it in a step-by-step fashion so ANYONE can follow!

Believe me, once you use these secrets, you'll literally "thumb your nose" at traditional online marketing efforts. It's literally like getting the keys to Fort Knox!

But here's the rub: I didn't want to simply give this audio away just for kicks. I also realized most people STILL haven't been exposed to Vince's secrets since it's been almost 3 years since I released them to the masses.

So I decided to make everything available in a NEW package and place these audios on an mp3 player so you can get started implementing Vince James's secrets today...


Vince James is a man with a story for sure.  Making $400,000 in one week sounds almost mythical.  But can the average everyday guy or gal use and apply some of Vincent's magic?

Can it work for you?... that's the real question, isn't it?

Well... I say it is even MORE important and works even BETTER for folks that have little time and less spare cash...

I already have one company that pays me $1,400 every month... and it keeps going up!  And that check comes like clockwork month after month!

There are lots of great lessons in the 12 Month Internet Millionaire - and where else can you spend 6 hours with a millionaire so cheap?

Travis Sago

Now before I tell you more about these audios, let me tell you one thing:


Because Vince made some mistakes in his business. He spent time in jail and lost almost $48 million dollars because of the mistakes he made.

But what was impressive to me was the fact that he didn't try to cover up these mistakes, but instead shows you exactly

If it offends you to learn from someone who did spend time in jail and made mistakes, then please don't buy this mp3 player (and also please don't watch Martha Stewart either).

But if you want to discover the hardcore techniques of direct marketing from a man who made over 100 Million dollars in 23 months (and SWEARS you can make AT LEAST enough income to pay your mortgage, go on a vacation, or buy the car you've always wanted!) then you need to order "12 Month Internet Millionaire 2.0."

Here's What You'll Get:

My entire 6-hour coaching session with Vincent James that allowed me to catapult my offline business into the stratosphere.

A BONUS hour exclusive to 12-Month Internet Millionaire 2.0 where I let you in on 7 MORE secrets regarding how I was able to use Vince's tactics to boost my profits, so you can profit wildly yourself!

Here's the deal: I've actually experienced firsthand the massive success as a result of this coaching session... time and time again. This guy held nothing back. All the "inside secrets" have been spilled...

And I REALLY cut it loose on the extra bonus hour...where I reveal how you can implement Vince's secrets to your business. Just follow what I did and you're all set!

Believe me, this stuff is going to make you question everything you learned about online marketing-no matter what "expert" you got it from!

In fact,

You see, I could have shipped you some CDs or sent you a download link. But I decided to GIVE you the 12-Month Internet Millionaire 2.0 For FREE on a pre-loaded mp3 player for the following reasons:

1) You can start listening to it right away as soon as you get it in the mail. Just plug in the headphones and push PLAY.

2) You can listen during "passive" time like exercising or doing chores. You don't have to allocate time to watch a DVD or sit in front of a stereo to listen to a CD. The MP3 player can be taken ANYWHERE so you can absorb this material while you're doing other things.

3) It's a physical "reminder" to listen to these audios over and over again. You'll see the player sitting there in your home--reminding you to listen and TAKE action on this awesome system! It really helped me out...and it will help you too!

I honestly believe (and know) that the content on it will change your business and your life--like it has mine!

5 ways to set-yourself up so you can make as MUCH money as possible without getting yourself in trouble!
How he sold 65,000 stereo club memberships in 24 months - without advertising! (Why spend money to MAKE money, right?)
The TOP 7 ways you can make extra income (Best part? You can work as MUCH as you want, when you want, and not have to ask ANYONE's permission!)
Why most experts in building wealth are absolutely CLUELESS--and how he was able to run circles around their "worthless" advice. (You'll get to throw out those worthless "get-rich" books from the bookstore and get the REAL stuff!)
How you can write a simple letter can make you the extra income you need to say goodbye to your boss. (If Vince and I can do this, then YOU can do it too!)
The amazing story of how his buddy makes $10 million a year from his kitchen table!
How his other friend makes $20 Million a year on the Internet!
How to keep from getting discouraged when things do not work for you. (He uses this trick to keep himself going- ALWAYS)
What’s selling SELLS- His secret for finding new products to make millions of dollars from!
How he built a $100 Million per year business with just $5400!
How he kept credit card charge backs under 1%- even with 160,000 people on automatic shipments every month!
The 2 very excellent merchant account companies he used to process $8,000,000 per month in sales--all without a hitch!
How to get a merchant account when you have bad credit…no tax returns…and even when you’re on the TMF (terminated merchant file)!
The best online transcription service that can take MP3 files and turn them into typed words in 24 to 48 hours!
A SECRET website that tells you the most popular searched items on eBay. (Find out what people are looking for instantly!)
Discover what search terms your competitors are bidding on with this secret website (this is truly "James Bond" stuff!).
How he made $80,000 a month- 100% online WITHOUT a website… WITHOUT advertising… and without eBay!
The TRUTH about his $60 Million paragraph- how he discovered it… and how you can use it with almost ANY product!
The ONLY way to create dietary supplements without getting into hot water… and the wrong way that’ll get you screwed every time!
How to become an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE with just 4 sheets or paper! (he did it … and so can you!)
How to make millions giving away a FREE website! (This is something anyone with a computer and an internet connection should follow!)
The EXACT database program he used to run my $100 Million business with 500,000 customers a year! (It’s NOT what you think!)
The FOOLPROOF way to track your ads and sales letters with 100% accuracy!
How he ran a $100,000,000 a year enterprise "working" just 30-minutes a day! (Ah...the easy life!)
4 things that would have prevented Vince from losing $48 Million in one single day! (That day sucked big time!)
Jay Abraham’s headline that always DOUBLES the sales of every ad… every sales letter… and every website- every time!
...and a Whole More!!!

How groundbreaking are Vince James' marketing tips? Well even marketing legend Gary Halbert said this about his secrets: "Believe it or not, much of this information is so electrifying; it was unknown even to me."

Now understand this: this is NOT information you'll find in the 100's of ad writing and marketing books out there in the "mainstream"... And you definitely will NOT find this level of information in the curriculum of the top universities in the country!

You can only learn this from someone who's done it before- like this guy!

Over the past year and a half, I have used these secrets to almost-magically fill my bank account with deposits--and build a wonderful life for myself, my wife, and our 3 kids.

Plus thousands of people who bought the original 12-Month Millionaire 2.0 are profiting from Vince's secrets

NOBODY teaches like this guy because NOBODY, (except a handful of wealthy people who'll never have to work a 9-5 job again!) know all of these secrets. And the people that do keep them locked up in a Fort Knox vault...out of the reach of everyone else!

Now for the first time ever--I'm releasing this exclusive coaching session with Vince James to a few lucky people looking to accomplish the American Dream.

Since I purposely kept this recorded coaching session and transcripts under wraps for the past 18 months, I thought that if I ever did release them, I was going to charge at LEAST $997 for these exclusive audios.

But let's face it, my aim is not to make you spend money, but to help you make money. I personally think that even $997 is too low a price for this stuff, because you're not "paying" for it, but investing in it.

But I know that $997 is probably too much for any 'normal' person to pay, and the price might keep you from using this information to bring you wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

To me the 12 Month Internet Millionaire 2.0 has been worth millions so far. But the only person who can prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that this information works, is yourself. Heck, if you only use just 1% of the wealth-building tips in these audios, you'll could be making at least 500, $1500, even 15,000/Month...or MORE!

So I have a proposition for you. If you will take this information, and NOT sit on it, but immediately apply it, then I'll give this mp3 to you for FREE! All you have to do is pay a small shipping and processing charge of $9.95 ($19.95 if you're outside the U.S).

That said, I reserve the right to boost the price of the "12 Month Internet Millionaire 2.0" to the price where it belongs. In fact, I am thinking about taking this page down and re-package these audios and transcripts in an expensive home-study course where I'll charge at least $997.

To reward you for taking action today, I am offering you 4 Ethical Bribes to get you off the fence... Yours FREE! No matter what!

To MAKE SURE you are successful implementing Vince's secrets, I am going to offer you something special. This is something I've NEVER offered before, but is exclusive to 12-Month Internet Millionaire 2.0 buyers.

I am going to actually read through Vince James's 12-Month Millionaire book and give you concrete steps you can take every week to implement these steps into your business!

Here's what will happen: You'll get a weekly audio from me where I go through Vince's book and share with you insights I have never revealed ANYWHERE else...not even in my $17,500 Mastermind groups. This information was instrumental for taking my business from a mere 5-figures to 8 figures in only several years!

Don't worry - this isn't like most "continuity" or membership programs where they charge you $197 every month for the rest of your life.I will actually GIVE you 2 weeks of this video coaching for FREE - and the program only lasts 27 weeks.

Each week you will discover new strategies that made me catapult my moneymaking ability, and if you go and apply them, you can literally give yourself a raise EVERY week.

Believe me, most of the secrets I'll share with you I've only revealed in my quarterly workships held in my office in Boise for $10,000 per head! You're getting extremely good value here--when you compare it to college tuition where you "might" get an entry-paying job when you graduate.

So, to make this a no brainer, the price of your personal video coaching will be just $97 a month, which is less than $25 a week--and $3 per day! (that's the price of a Starbucks a day!)  

Important Note: The 12-Month Internet Millionaire 2.0 audio coaching is a monthly service. By taking advantage of this free mp3 offer, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the audio coaching. But since it's up to me to give you as MUCH value as possible--you have total control on whether or not you want to stick with the program.

I am not trying to hide anything. You can easily cancel if you don't want to continue the coaching by calling 208-323-9451 or contacting his helpdesk at http://www.customerhelpdesk.org.

No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings.  You must be completely satisfied.  If not, I WANT you to cancel your membership.

The reason I’m telling you this upfront is because I don’t want you thinking I'm trying to pull a fast one on you. That’s not how I do business. If you're not satisfied you can cancel at any time.

Russell runs one of the largest (and by far the best) in-house one-on-one internet marketing coaching programs. He normally charge $800 an hour for a consultation with one of his coaches, but he's going to GIVE you a FREE session as a special bonus!

Do you have a problem with your website? Stuck on which niche you should create your Micro-Continuity program in, or do you just need a little help to make sure you're on the right track?

Russell's personally trained coaches will analyze your problems and steer you in the right direction. This session could be the turning point in your online business and it's totally 100% FREE!

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Here's the deal: Most people think it takes a LOT of time and effort to take a business that's making a decent 5 figures a day and catapulting profits so you're making 6, 7, even 8 figures a year.

Well gues what? It's NOT. That is, unless you discover (and implement) several little-known "tweaks" you can make to explode your profits.

How do I know? Well, I did exactly just that. My business was making only 5 figures several years ago but I was able to take it to 7-8 figures over a span of a couple years!

Best part? It only took a couple simple steps to do this. And the steps are a LOT easier than you think!

Most of these steps involved implementing Vince's secrets into my business. So I decided to included an EXCLUSIVE 90-Minute presentation from a recent StomperNet event where I outline exactly what I did!

This is truly "player" material. People at the seminar paid $2000 to be there, and you're getting the presentation for FREE!

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Every day, a new "internet marketing" product comes out that promises people they'll make a ton of money on the internet. The people who actually take action on these principles can produce a great income, BUT...

What most people don't understand, and nobody will tell you is that there is a serious limit to how much you can actually make online.

This report describes how you can "IM-Proof" your business and multiply your earnings beyond what average internet marketers even dream about. This is done by implementing the marketing secrets

Inside you'll discover:

  • The secret to getting your customers to finance all of your marketing efforts YES, they will actually PAY you to market and sell to THEM!

  • How I used a ripped-out piece of newspaper to double my business - dozens of people have BEGGED for me to share this secret, and I FINALLY have inside of this secret Report!

  • The secret to qualify you leads so you don’t have a list of “looky loos” who don’t buy anything, but actual people who will buy almost ANYTHING you ask them to!!!

  • Ninja tactics that will make you stick out and get people to literally throw their money at you ever time you use ANY of these simple tactics!

…and many more strategies serious online marketers would give their left arm to discover!

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I want to ask you a question: "Are you interested in discovering proven "step-by-step" techniques for dramatically exploding your bank balance?"

Since you're still reading this, I assume the answer is a resounding "Yes!"

Well, now that I've shown you that "The 12-Month Internet Millionaire 2.0" can give you the same marketing ammunition that allowed Vince James to earn enough riches to live the good life (and make me one of the internet marketing elite)--it's time for you to take action.

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What will you do with the extra $500, $5,000, even $50,000 per month you'll earn when you implement Vince James' marketing secrets into your online business? I'm living proof that his secrets work, and they can for you too!

You see, I may not have the best GPA, the best book-smarts, or the highest IQ (heck, I only had a 2.1 GPA in college).

But if there's one thing I can rattle off in my deepest REM sleep...and that's how to magically force people from all over the world to flood a merchant account full of thousands of orders.

So now that you understand how much you can throttle your competitors with just ONE of the tips Vince shared in this 6-hour coaching session, now's the time to take action and order the "12 Month Internet Millionaire 2.0" today!

Thanks For Your Time!

Russell Brunson

P.S: This is a Cinderella opportunity to discover how to take any product or idea from raw concept to breathtaking success- virtually overnight. These are the exact time-tested techniques I exploited to gross over $3 million (see verifiable proof above) in a single year with my own crazy ideas. If I can do it, so can you!

P.P.S: Fair warning: I might take this 'insider' coaching session and creating a full-blown course that'll run at least $497. So here's your once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover how Vince James earned over 100 million in 23 months for a dirt-cheap price before I take this site down. So if you have to give plasma, donate a kidney, mow lawns, or work at the local burger shack to afford this coaching session, do it...because this site can go down in a second. Order Now!

P.P.P.S: One more thing: the hour-long expose where I "bridge the gap" between Vince's secrets and your internet business is worth it's weight in gold. This audio alone has added digits to my bottom line and it could do the same for you. So act right now while mp3s are still available!