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Dear Savvy Internet Marketer,

If you are looking to shred your advertising costs and pump red-hot sales prospects into your sales funnel, then this message will cut right to the chase and give you the answers you're looking for.

But you're gonna have to pay close attention and read every single word of this message, because you're only going to see it once!

I am going to tell you about how you can boost your exposure on my "Conquer Your Niche" forum....waaaay beyond the regular members.

And the best part is that:

You'll Get To Try It Out For FREE!

You see, advertising is the lifeblood of business. If it's not done right, even with free advertising, it's not going to do you any good.

You'll be wasting a whole lot of time and money...which are much better spent on grabbing a stronger foothold in your niche.

Believe me, I should know. When I was starting out, I made so many errors when it came to advertising. There is nothing more humiliating than seeing a big fat "zero" on my bank statement.

This is exactly what happened to me in 2001. I remember maxing out my student credit cards in order to keep my floundering business afloat.

You see, the trouble with most advertising methods is that you have to know what you're doing. If you fail, your advertising costs can go right down the toilet.

To stress my point, here's a sample of several advertising methods and their cost:

25 Radio Spots


Search Engine Optimization


Small display ad in magazine


500 Direct Mail Letters


2000 Direct mail Postcards


4" Display ad in your local newspaper


Classified Ad in USA Today (1 week)


5 Late Night Leftover TV Radio Spots


Tiny Yellow Pages Ad (local edition) (1 year)


As you can see, you can easily squander thousands of dollars if you don't know what you're doing.

Plus, the traffic you get is extremely untargeted, inconsistent, and short lived.

Sure, if you use a combination of these methods, you'll fulfill these three crucial criteria. But not one single method above provides you with a consistent, targeted traffic that will last for a long time.

When you combine the lack of quality traffic with the associated cost, you can easily see that, if you don't know what you are doing in advertising...

You Can Easily Lose Your Shirt!

Thankfully, the Internet has made advertising easier. You can now launch a full-fledged pay-per-click campaign in as little as 8 minutes with very little money--whereas, it would take infinitely longer with the above methods.

Sounds great, right?

Well, unfortunately, things change fast online. Search engine algorithms change and pay-per-click guidelines change. What worked for you last month probably isn't working now.

Plus, if you're doing what everyone else is doing, you are already starting to murder your potential profits. No matter what you are earning now, it's just a fraction of what you should be pulling in.

You need a growing source of laser targeted, consistent traffic that pumps red hot prospects to your website...all for a rock-bottom one time investment that puts the above methods to shame.

Well, I have great news!


The "Conquer Your Niche" Elite Membership

The Elite Membership gives you all the tools you need to multiply your exposure on my "Conquer Your Niche" forum.

For one relatively low fee, you'll be exposed to thousands of hot-to-trot prospects just waiting to yank out their wallet and give you their credit card number.

You see, everyday, more and more people join the "Conquer Your Niche" forum to chat about the hottest topics in internet marketing. Plus, we are constantly adding cool tools and features to the forum that is sure to increase your pool of potential prospects.

Seriously, this is the best membership upgrade ever! Back when I was starting out in internet marketing, none of this existed. I had to max out my student credit cards to advertise using the more expensive, riskier methods I described above.

This forum is brilliant! I've only been here for a few minutes, so it hasn't turned me into a tycoon...yet. But so many other forums shy away from self promotion out of a justified fear of spam. This one will be the MOST visited forum ever, because Russell has solved two conflicting issues with an elegant solution. Why go anywhere else when this one rewards you for stopping by?

Rock on!

-- Kelley

Earn 5,000 Credits EVERY Month For FREE!!!

Now this is where it gets good: When you become a Conquer Your Niche “Elite” member you’ll get 500 extra advertising credits shoveled into your account per day. Plus, you’ll also get an additional 5000 advertising credits added to your account every month!

Do the math: that’s an extra 20,000 credits that’ll cram into your account every month. And you won’t have to make a single post!

Believe me, this is huge. Why? You'd have to make 4000 POSTS A MONTH to get these credits if you weren't an Elite member. Imagine the time you’ll save, and the profits you’ll rake in over the “free” members…most whom will be your competitors!

You'll get an instant leg up on your competitors who are posting away trying to catch up. Imagine all the time you’ll save…time you can spend working on other crucial areas of your business.

Listen: the real hardcore entrepreneurs that rake in the big bucks online realize one thing: Time is Money. The price you’ll pay for this elite membership (more on that later) will be a drop in the bucket compared to the time you’ll save!   


Earn 20 Credits EVERY TIME YOU POST!!!

YES!!!  20 Credits EVERY TIME YOU POST!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some of the advantages you'll get when you become an "Elite" member that will allow you to siphon off huge rivers of qualified prospects:

  • Up to four times the amount of exposure of the other "Conquer Your Niche" advertisers. As an Elite member, you'll get FOUR TIMES the number of credits as the regular members!
  • The ability to randomly rotate five ads instead of showing just one ad. Not sure what ad will haul in the maximum number of orders? Then test it out! As an Elite member, you'll get to randomly display up to FIVE ADS instead of just one. You'll get instant clickthrough stats for each ad so that you can test and ratchet your conversions even higher!

Free members will earn .5 credits for every post they read, and 5 credits for every time they post.

I will also give "Conquer Your Niche" my highest recommendation! I like the forum because it has members from ALL over the 'Net which means I will meet new friends. I like that I can leverage my time and efforts with the help of many as I build my downline in the "Conquer Your Niche". Plus, I like that I'm advertising my products by doing what I like to do...helping others without giving any thought to my products and services.

-- CaptKirk

As an elite member, you will receive 1 credit for every post you read and 20 credits every time you post!!!

Just imagine - every time you post a message - your ad will be shown to 20 other people!!!

Let me show you what this looks like if you just refer 5 people, read 300 threads a month and post 25 messages:



Your Ads Shown
(Based On 300 Reads and 25 Posts Per Member Per Month)

Level 1 - (You) 1 275  800 credits!!!
Level 2 5 500 1,000 credits!!!
Level 3 25 2500  5,000 credits!!!
Level 4 125 12,500 25,000 credits!!!
Level 5 625 62,500 125,000 credits!!!

Your Ads Shown:

78,275  156,800 credits!!! per month

As an elite member, you will also receive:

  • The ability to post HTML ads that jump off the page, instead of plain' ol text ads. You'll have full control over the color, if you want them bold, underlined or italicized.  This will make your ad JUMP OUT at our forum visitors, will be more visually compelling and skyrocket your clickthough rates!

Tell me one pay-per-click engine that will allow you to change look of your text ad. When you combine this with the increased impressions you will get with your "Conquer Your Niche" Elite membership, your profits will soar!

Absolutely brilliant viral idea Russell! I enjoy reading and posting at forums, but to get credits for posting really hits my satisfaction button! Congrats for thinking of something innovative like this!

-- Michael Lee

Here's What The "Conquer Your Niche" Elite Membership Is Worth To You:

How many more sales and profits would you be able to generate if you could attract thousands of hungry, targeted customers to your website?

How much time would you save (and sleep you will get!) if you are able to expand your business (rather than just managing it) if you didn't have to grit your teeth and wonder when the next prospect or next sale will come from?

How would it feel if you could go on more vacations, pay off your mortgage and credit cards, and get that cool car you've been drooling over for years?

How would it feel to be able to power down the computer at will and blow off the afternoon to play golf or spend quality time with family and friends?

You see, that's the power of driving good quality visitors to your website! And that's what becoming an elite member will give you:

You'll Get A "Starving Crowd" Whose Hungry To
Sink Their Teeth Into What You're Selling!

Now, I was going to originally price this one time monthly membership at $597. People have told me they would pay 5 times that much to have all those targeted customers flooding their website.

So if you had $597 to invest in your business to bring you more prospects and hopefully customers... where else would you spend it?

Unfortunately, $597 doesn't put a dent in the cost the advertising methods I mentioned above. Therefore, the only option is to buy pay-per-click ads on Google, Overture, or MSN.

So let's determine what kind of return on investment you would get if 30,000 visitors visited your website over a year and 1% bought your product:

Advertising Method Advertising Cost/Year Gross Sales R.O.I.
Pay Per Click $6000 ($0.20 per click x 30000 clicks) $8700 145%
Conquer Your Niche Forum

$597 (one time fee)

$8700 1,457%

As you can see, when you become a "Conquer Your Niche" Elite member...

You Could Get More Than A 10 Times Greater Return On Investment Than The Other "Big Three" PPC Search Engines!

And that's just during your first year as a member. Since the "Elite" membership is a lifetime membership, your advertising costs for subsequent years will be...

...Absolutely Nothing!

Whereas, with the pay-per-click engines, your click costs will continue to go up year after year and further erode your profits.

You see, a couple years ago, it was possible to buy clicks on Google Adwords for a mere 5 cents. Nowadays, you're extremely fortunate if you can get 10 cents a click.

Plus you have to deal with quirky, unexpected rule changes the pay-per-click engines will inflict on you. Your profits could dissolve faster than a New York minute!

You also cannot rely on the search engines for a consistent flow of traffic. Search engine logarithms change every day. One day, you could be getting a boatload of traffic, the next day, you could get stuck page 16 and waiting for your first visitor.

As you can see, when you become a "Conquer Your Niche" Elite member for a one time fee of $597, you would receive a lifetime of target traffic to your website through our hyper-targeted forum for a mere fraction of what you would have to pay the PPC search engines.

Try this: give Google or Overture a call and ask them if you purchase a lifetime's worth of advertising for a one-time fee of $597. They will simply laugh in your face!

This concept is really going to give many forums a serious a run for their money! Many other marketing forums are going to need to quickly place similar tactics in their forums...or start watching their members start quickly moving to this forum!

Great idea Russell!

This is truly one of the best viral marketing ideas I have seen in a long time. Wish I would have thought of it, and I am sure everyone reading this is thinking the same thing!

-- Jeremy Burns

But, guess what?

All This Isn't Going to Cost You $597!

I am not going to price it at $597, although I am sure you agree that would still be a steal.  Heck, with all the traffic you'll get as a 'Conquer Your Niche" Elite member, you could easily make $597 each month!

The actual price will be $297  but only for a limited time, will we offer this at only $197!

You may wonder why I would slash 30% of the "Conquer Your Niche" Elite membership.

Well, it's simple.

I want new members that come to the forum to see others that are boosting their internet presence with the Elite membership.

And I will need testimonials - so all I ask is that you agree to give me a testimonial, but only if you absolutely love the service. (After all, we don't want half-hearted words.)

We want you to tell us your 100% glowing results so we can share your success with others!

If you can do that for us, we will be glad to save you the 30% and give you the "Conquer Your Niche" Elite Membership for $597 , $297 - for only $197!

I really hate it when people put (this forum) on the makes it where you have no time to sleep. Now I am going to be here monitoring posts and drinking lots of coffee.

Thanks a lot guys for putting this whole "never sleep again" forum up!

Great work, great ideas!

-- Jody

But you have to hurry. "Conquer Your Niche" Elite memberships are selling fast and as soon as we get the testimonials back (which could be as early as today) this price will go to the normal price of $297 instantly and without notice.

So dont' delay. Claim your 30% discount today!

But that's not all...

I Am Going To Shamelessly Bribe Your Further
By Giving Away My "Forgotten" Seminar!

Now let's be frank...most of the bonuses offered these days are just plain fluff. It's either not helpful, or the same rehashed bonuses everyone else is offering. So I decided to dig deep into my immense internet marketing library to offer the following 3 day bonus seminar for those who take action on this one-time offer:

Check it out:

The "Forgotten" Seminar:

Rare And Unreleased Footage Of "The Double Party" That Mysteriously Disappeared For Two Years!

A couple years ago, Mark Joyner hosted a special, one time event to celebrate his exit from the Internet marketing realm and the closing of his legendary company, Aesop Marketing Corporation.

Almost 1,000 people were present at this event, which was called the "Double Party" Mysteriously, the footage of the event actually disappeared for a couple years, but miraculously resurfaced about a year ago.

When I found out about it, I called the person who had the original tapes, and purchased them on the spot for $10,000.  Now, the audios from this 3 day seminar can be yours for free when you become an Elite member of my "Conquer Your Niche" forum!

Here are the star-studded speakers that spoke at this forgotten seminar, and a brief overview of what they shared that, when implemented, will catapult your business...and your life!

Ted Nicholas Discusses:

"Developing a Belief System That Makes Failure Impossible And Guarantee Success."

  • The one skill you can develop that will let you wash ashore naked and broke and in three years, ensure you're a massive success. The most important words you'll ever use in your business and your life
  • "Insider sales techniques that will ensure that you will avoid the word "No"

Dr. Joe Vitale Shares:

"How To Effortlessly Create Miracles"

  • Learn which is big miracle or three small miracles.
  • Discover 8 words that will dissolve your money worries forever.
  • Discover how to life and prosper in a belief-driven universe.

Mark Joyner Discusses:

"How Understanding Physics And Biology Can Impact Your Success"

  • How to change your state and create more energy on demand
  • Discover the importance of being aware of your daily choices
  • How to make a positive "mutation" that will make a difference in your business and life

Mike Chen Exposes:

"The Magic Of Success"

  • Discover how to become a real "success magician"
  • Are you trying hard enough? Probably not! Here's why...
  • Things that you should not be doing that will curtail your success

Kevin Hogan details:

"The 15 Distinctions Of Success "

  • Discover the truth about goals and "sub-goals" and how you can maximize this truth for you business.
  • Why "what you attribute things to" really matters to your success
  • How to determine if what you want is really meant to be

Terri Levine explains:

"How Coaching Can Explode Your Business"

  • Discover who coaching is like having a license to print "million dollar bills"
  • Why listening is a crucial skill in business and how you can develop it further
  • How she was able to create a 22 and 88 million dollar company using coaching

David Garfinkel shares:

"Three Simple Steps To Creating Wealth "

  • Learn the single biggest motivator both above and below the surface
  • Discover a simple formula that will have people trying to give you money when you haven't tried to sell them a thing!
  • The secret 4th step you should start mastering today.

Micheal Levine Discusses:

"The Three Magic O's That His Clients All Have In Common"

  • Discover what all his "super achiever" clients have that most people don't tap into
  • Why just ambition isn't enough.
  • Learn what you can do in less than 10 minutes within the next 24 hours (for free) that will have an immediate and dramatic success on your business

Now I want to stress: a lot of people are royally ticked off at me right now because I am literally giving away this seminar. These are the people that paid $997 for the seminar, plus travel, to attend.

But I wanted to step above the usual crappy bonuses to offer something of value. In fact, a prominent internet marketer, who shall remain nameless, thought I was crazy for giving this forgotten seminar away!

Plus, I thought this seminar would be perfect for the internet marketing "newbies" out there. None of the material presented at this seminar is brain surgery, but it IS a big secret to almost everyone online.

However, once you have these secrets, you're off to the races!

I've only been here 20 minutes and bought something already! This could get expensive...!

-- Warren Contraras

But I know you're skeptical. That's why I am offering the following guarantee:

30 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee!

If, after 30 days of being an Elite Member of my "Conquer Your Niche" forum, you do not think that this is one of the best values for advertising on the Internet today, just give us a call or email my help desk. If you can show that you have not at least doubled your investment of $197 in 30 days, I will give you a prompt and courteous questions asked!

That means that you will not pay a single cent unless you think my Elite membership is worthwhile to you. In other words, you will have test-driven my Elite membership for free!

But you have to hurry...time and space is limited!

I am going to limit my Elite membership on the "Conquer Your Niche" forum to 700 members.

Now, this isn't some kind of cheesy sales ploy. I am limiting membership because I don't want too many advertisers on my "Conquer Your Niche" forum.

You see, by having too many Elite members advertising on my forum, the advertising perks offered through the membership will be severely diluted. Therefore,

It's First Come, First Served...Absolutely NO Exceptions!

So if you have any interest at all in becoming an Elite member on my "Conquer Your Niche" forum, you really need to JOIN RIGHT NOW...Don't put it off or you will lose out!

Yes, Russell, I Would Like To Start Sending A Torrent Of Laser Targeted Traffic To My Website!

Please Include Me As One Of Your Exclusive "Elite" Members Of Your "Conquer Your Niche" Forum!

I'd have to be crazy to miss this one time offer! And I understand how much of a tremendous value this membership is for only $197, considering that my HTML ads will practically jump off the page AND be shown multiple times more than the plain 'ol text ads of the other advertisers.

I also understand that my one-time investment of $197 will be repaid over and over again...multiple times faster than if I gave it to Google, Overture, or MSN.

I also know that I have nothing to lose, considering that you are generous enough to give me a FULL REFUND if I do not double my money back within 30 days.

I am also totally thrilled that I also get "The Forgotten Seminar" as a bonus for becoming an "Elite" member of your "Conquer Your Niche" forum. I understand that you could easily sell the seminar itself for at least double the price, and that I am getting exceptional value for my $197 investment.

I also understand that my Elite membership is a one time charge and I'll be able to advertise all I want on your "Conquer Your Niche" forum for life!

Russell Brunson's "Elite" Lifetime Membership To The "Conquer Your Niche" Forum


Click here to order securely by
credit card

No thanks, I do not want the Elite membership.  I realize that if I decide to become a Elite member in the future, I will have to pay full price for the same amazing features that I would have receive here for just $197 today only.

No thanks - I want to pass on this amazing opportunity forever - take me to the members area now

Hey Russell, Thank you for offering the Elite Package.  I decided to get it.  I want you to know that I got several sign ups to my website within the first couple hours

I'm sure that this pace will only increase as more people join the forum.  This is the most viral forum I have ever seen which means my ads are going to be seen by more and more people every day. 

The HTML ads really do reach out and grab attention much more than the regular text ads.  I'm split testing the exact same ad only with HTML versus plain text.  I'll let you know the results once I get them.  Hey, if I didn't have the elite membership I wouldn't even be able to perform this test.  

Thanks again,
Jacob Stein


Remember, this is a one-time offer. If your computer freezes, or if you close this window by accident, you're out of luck. You will never see this page at this price again, so I encourage you to sign up for your "Elite" membership right now.

You see, as a successful internet marketer, I have a lot of irons in the fire. I am extremely careful with how I spend my time. I would not be spending my time writing this message if I did not think the "Conquer Your Niche" Elite membership can boost your internet marketing efforts.

In fact, I get a huge kick out of watching my close friends and many others succeed at internet marketing. My current Elite members are enjoying immense profits...most of whom are merely beginners!

Now it's your turn!

So, go ahead and take advantage of this red-hot offer, right now, while it's still on your computer screen. I look forward to seeing you on the forum!

Yours in Online Profits,

Russell Brunson
CEO SublimeNet, Inc.

P.S. Remember, this is a one-time offer...once you click past this page, you'll never see this page again! And once the 700 Elite member limit is reached, I am putting a lid on membership exceptions!

P.P.S. There are several people who decided that they would "think about it" and clicked right through this page. After they heard about how their buddies who are racking in major profits, they practically begged me to join. But I am sticking to my guns...once you're past this page...that's it! So, don't be left behind...become an Elite Member today!

P.P.P.S. Since launching the "Conquer Your Niche" forum, we've accumulated over 12,000 members in a single week! That's a HUGE pool of potential prospects you could be mining for increased profits. Don't miss out on being an Elite member of the fastest growing forum on the 'Net. Upgrade your membership today!

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