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(Disclaimer: while these results are genuine results from actual customers, they are NOT representative of generally expected results. Please read this letter for more details on the specific circumstances for each individual and our Earnings Disclaimer HERE for more information about generally expected results)

From: Joy Anderson

Hi, my name is Joy Anderson.

First of all, I am NOT a guru.

  • I do NOT have a "huge email list"...

  • I do NOT have 23 joint venture partners ready to promote for me...

  • and you're NOT going to see me speaking on stage!

I'm a regular person just like you. The only difference is I discovered an awesome way to make money online that requires very LITTLE work--yet is EXTREMELY lucrative.

So If you're looking for rock-solid proof that REAL people (not just the "gurus") can make money online, then sit back for the next 6 minutes and read every single word of this letter.

Because I'm going to explain how I made money online...with very little online marketing experience and a small amount of time to do it.

All I did was follow Russell Brunson's simple system (that he called "Micro-Continuity") and I had a moneymaking website up and running in 48 hours!

First things first: I want to get something out of the way regarding the so-called "generally expected results that most people can expect to attain."

Some people who bought the Micro-Continuity didn't do a thing with it. It's not that the material was too "hard" or whatever--they simply didn't take action on what Russell teaches. As a result, these people achieved little or no success.

Keep in mind this is usual with most information products. In fact there was a study recently where only 10% of people read past the first chapter of a book. We buy stuff with good intentions but rarely follow through. It's not just with programs like Micro-Continuity--but ANYTHING in life.

So if you're going to subscribe to this coaching program and not take any action...or start and don't implement Russell's program, then you can generally expect to achieve the same results as the majority of people who order this program--little or no success and potentially spending more than you earn.

If that's the case, then do not claim your spot in Russell's email coaching program.

But if you're an "action taker" and are prepared to put in the time, effort, commitment and investment that I did, then Russell's Micro-Continuity may help you achieve the same type of exceptional results as me -- a stay-at-home Mom with hardly ANY marketing experience who was able to make money online with this system!

I'll tell you more about how I did it in a second. But for now...let me tell you:

First of all, I never thought I would be at this point in my life a year ago...making automatic income from home while doing something I LOVE! Well, thanks to Russell's Micro-Continuity program it is now a reality.

Here's what happened: A year ago I went through a divorce and I had three kids. I was extremely stressed emotionally and had very little money.  I had started a business from home, but I wanted more.

So like many of you, I decided to look online for ways to start a business.  But, as I'm sure you've seen, there is a lot of garbage out there. 

I started to learn a lot - so much that I got to the point of "information overload" and didn't know where to start.

So I did what lots of people do - I tried to write an ebook. If you've ever tried that, you KNOW how hard it is and I was DEFINITELY not making any money. it turned out:

I just HATED sitting down to write! Knowing it would take a LONG time to write the book was a HUGE roadblock to making money. I was FRUSTRATED!

About that time I went to a 1-day seminar held by internet marketer Russell Brunson. My husband works for Brunson and he let me know about it. It was a part of an expensive $2497 product Russell sold online a while ago...and I got to go for FREE!

He was going to reveal a simple 5-step system called Micro-Continuity. I was a little skeptical at first but I went ahead and showed up.

I was amazed at how simple the system was!  So simple that I ran home that night and started my project, and here are my results:

  • Within 48 hours I had my new website running (and don't worry - I have NO technical knowledge - there's a trick he showed me that made it VERY easy)

  • In less than a week I made my first sales!!!  YEA!!! 

  • So far I have made $8373.80 in the past several months with my tiny Micro-Continuity website!!!

Check out some of my transactions this month from (they just keep growing!):

Believe me, Russell's Micro-Continuity system is like going up to bat in a baseball game and knowing what pitch is coming at you. Mainly because most of the guessswork has been removed from the equation.

Now, I want to let you in on a secret...  

Russell actually recorded that seminar that I went to!  YES, the SAME one that I learned how to build my whole Micro-C business!

But he told me he wanted to go even DEEPER than what he covered in the seminar by offering a high-end email video coaching program that goes BEYOND what he taught at that $2497 seminar!

So Russell released Micro-Continuity to the world several months ago and it was a HUGE success! The only thing is several merchant accounts started to shut down free plus shipping offers (the essence of the Micro-Continuity system)...and Russell had to adapt.

Now without further waiting, here is the NEW up to date version of Micro-Continuity...perhaps the easiest way to start an online business:

Click Here To Claim Your 14-Day Trial To Micro-Continuity 2.0 Email Coaching!!!

Let me state again...the content in this coaching program was part of an expensive $2497 package...not to mention the additional travel expenses just to be there.

But Russell want to To MAKE SURE you are successful. So with the Micro-Continuity 2.0 Email Coaching Program, he wants to send you an email every week with a short lesson - giving you the next piece in the step of the Micro-Continuity 2.0 program.

Don't worry - this isn't like most "continuity" or membership programs where they charge you $197 every month for the rest of your life.

Russell will actually GIVE you 2 weeks of this video coaching for FREE - and the program only lasts 27 weeks.

I honestly believe that the content on it could change your business and your life--like it has mine!

Secret Step #1) Russell will show you the one page you have to create before you start making money. Don't worry, he'll practically TELL you what to say...all you have to do is modify it a bit and you're all set.

Secret Step #2) This step is where MOST marketers really screw up, but Russell supplies specific instructions on how to get this step up in at least 2 hours. In fact, I got this done in 60 minutes! This is significant because it usually takes people days, weeks, and MONTHS before they get this step done.

Secret Step $3) Russell has a guy that performs this step for him all the time--and he has to pay him a decent salary to do it! But after years of testing, he'll reveal how you can conquer this step in only 1-2 hours--even if you've never made money online in your life. You'll be up and running in no time.

Secret Step #4) Ever written an ebook before or created any other type of product on your own? Then you know how tough it can be. You'll discover Russell's secret method for creating a saleable product in 30 minutes. Best part? The product doesn't have to be COMPLETE before you make money (trust me, this small loophole is LEGAL and won't grow out-of-date in several years!).

Secret Step #5) Here is where the fun begins: Russell will direct you to an external service where you only have to pay $19 a month (yes there is some cost involved) that will make your business hands-off.

Believe me, when you take action on these simple steps:

But don't take MY word for it: here are MORE case studies of REAL people (just like you) who are making REAL money from the Micro-Continuity 2.0 system (they never thought it would be SO easy!). All of these case studies are 100% true and verifiable.

About 6 years ago I wrote an ebook showing people how to get their home sold on their own without paying commissions AND how to get agents to pay them to do it. Everyone loved it and said it's one of a kind. The problem. For 7 years I've been trying to find a way to get the word out and have been sucking hard at it.

Then I came across this FREE** MP3 player offer from this Brunson guy (Another internet guru who will probably tell me half truths to sell his crap) but I figured it was worth the shot. A two week guarantee and a MP3 player. No risk.

Well, after watching his 90 minute seminar and listening to the downloadable MP3's I started getting the idea that this program might actually tell me how to get the word out - the right way...

...The result: I am currently averaging $3500 per month pure profit as a result of turning my program into a Microcontinuity site...

Thank you Russell for being the first Internet Marketer who not only showed all the details but actually use it themselves.

Anthony Nitz

Hi Russell,


My 35 year dream of providing easy, fast solutions for children who struggle with learning, attention and behavior is coming true using your micro-continuity model. The brain training programs I offer at my learning cener are very expensive (my Academy program costs $38,000 per year per child.)....

...I launched the site last Wednesday, have given away 6 CDs and got this testimonial in my email today, "Hi Sherrie, I got module 1 and you just put in 40 minutes what took me all summer searching the web and other professionals, to obtain the same information."

Thanks, Russell. I had been trying to figure out how I would get all of my information organized and delivered to families who are searching for help for their struggling child. I'm excited to have my site up, running and helping kids succeed.

Sherrie Hardy

I'm a Chef who owns a catering company and cooking school. A year ago, I decided to promote my cooking school by producing cooking videos and posting them on YouTube. Foolish me, if you post videos on YouTube, they don't just to to my local audience, they are seen all over the world. I quickly developed an international following, eventually producing 200 cooking videos posted all over the internet.

"But how do you make money doing that?" was the most often asked question. I produced a cooking DVD, thinking that the now 700,000 views and 4300 subscribers would buy my DVD just because I had given them so much free stuff. Wrong strategy. People that get things for free don't feel the need to buy something when they're getting it for free. It was a "hope and pray" marketing stragegy.

Then, I hired a business coach who referred your MicroContinuity. This is the perfect marketing strategy for someone like me who has developed a cooking university on-line, but was giving it away for free. was just launched 4 days ago, but we are already averaging $70 in upsell sales with each free DVD given away!

Thank you for your MC program, it was the perfect vehicle for the 1000 hours I had already spent in production of videos, but getting very little in return.

Chef Todd Mohr


Hey, Russell!

I was looking for a way to make my credit repair service affordable to everyone and to automate the process at the same time when I found your system.

So I decided to launch the site to help people improve their credit scores in this bad economy.

The best part is when launched I signed up 67 members and made $2140.65 in my first 30 days. But the best part is you’re helping me help more people across the USA get their finances straight.

We all thank you.

Brian Diez - Credit Expert

My site, was a site I'd struggled for 6 months with how to set it up and start selling. Once I got your system, everything fell into place and in less than 3 weeks it was earning it's first sales and we continue to grow every month.

Because we're brand new, we're only making a few thousand a month...but that's right off the bat and right now we're gearing up our traffic generation methods using your Instant Traffic Systems program (actually, my virtual assistants are using the systems and doing all the work while I build JV relationships...which is what I like to do most anyway.)

Thank you for taking the complexity out of this entire business of information marketing!

Brad Costanzo

Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching!

I LOVE hearing the desktop notifier on my computer register yet another sale off our micro-continuity site!

My business partner, Jesse Fisher, took Russell Brunson's training and could not contain his excitement about how this was going to explode our sales -- he was right! Our micro-continuity site has been up about three weeks and our total sales from all our sites and products has DOUBLED already! And, we are just getting started promoting the site!

Needless to say, I share my partner's enthusiam and encourage anyone in the information marketing industry to take a very close look at what Russell is offering.

Emily Bouchard

I am an Executive Recruiter and started a career search blog 6 months prior to discovering Micro-C. I was looking for ways to start making an income from my blog. With the economy the way it has been I knew there were many displaced working professionals out there looking for new jobs and I wanted to find a way to give them the tools they needed to uncover the "hidden jobs" and make a profit at the same time.

My original thought was to create a membership site but the task seemed so daunting. Then, someone in a forum mentioned Micro-C. The moment I heard the system I knew that was the answer.

Within 3 weeks I had "Job Search Mastermind" up and running (an 18 week how to uncover hidden jobs membership site). The truth is I only had the first two training weeks done when I launched it. I also advertised it on my blog ( Just like Russell suggested I created a Free CD "7 Secrets to Uncovering the Hidden Job Market." I am a total newbie who has found success with Russell's program.

Thanks Again!

Jonathan Milligan

Before I ran into Russell and the Micro-Continuity model, I was doing OK online. I was using different strategies and definitely didn’t have the success I was looking for. I always knew I had to have a system, but (Micro-Continuity) laid it out perfectly…

I took the time to implement Russell's suggestions in the audio toward my site that teaches baseball players, coaches, and parents how to excel at the mental side of the game.

Within 10 days of launching my program I had 169 people in my program for total earnings of $3201. I’ve got the system, I’ve got the program, and I really encourage you to get in there and take action yourself!”

Dr. Tom Hanson

My husband and I have been studying and doing internet marketing for about 3 years now. We have never been able to follow a proven system to make money online. It took us years to set up sites and create products in the past that would only be partially successful.

Thanks to Russell’s Micro-Continuity, we have gotten more done in the past 4 months than the past 3 years combined! Our site is up and running and we feel great.

Thanks Russell and your coaching team for an awesome system!

Keri Norley

You see, all of these people are smart. They know that making decent money online isn't a matter of pushing a button and having money shooting out of their hard drives.

They also know the importance of following a PROVEN system over and over again to make money online.

Wouldn't you like to join an exclusive club of the wise and profitable online. Just follow the 5 simple steps Russell outlines in Micro-Continuity 2.0 and the lifestyle you desire could be closer than ever before--whether it's a few extra hundred bucks a month to pay some bills--or a couple THOUSAND to go on an exotic vacation.

Best part? Micro-Continuity 2.0 works even if you've never made a cent online before (like me!) or you're an expert marketer looking for some new tricks.

The only question I have for you is this: What will you discover in Micro-Continuity 2.0 that could make life for you a LOT easierlike it has for the people on this page, including me?

If it’s proven to work for us, why not you?

But I know you might be thinking:

Hey, don't worry. If you've read this far then you're definitely interested - but might not be entirely "sold" on the concept yet. Or you think these people have some magical powers, got "lucky," or contain some sort of business competency you're lacking.

Believe me, we are just REGULAR people. Most of us have never built a website before or made a single sale online. You see, ALL our sites have a few things in common:

  • The text on the websites are fair. Nothing groundbreaking or would make most people salivate, just "fair"...

  • The sites aren't anything special. It's just a simple one-page mini-site that follows the Micro-Continuity 2.0 formula to the tee.

  • There's no "million-dollar" autoresponder follow-up either. The copy on the follow-ups are average at best.

  • Most have never promoted it with an affiliate program or bought ezine or newsletter ads for them either. At least not yet. But that's not necessary if you're just starting out.

  • Most have never done a "joint venture" to promote it. They didn't have to run around chasing joint venture partners (some didn't even know what that term meant!)

  • They get VERY LITTLE traffic to their sites. Most about 20-40 visitors a day. Nothing to get too excited about.

In other words, if you think you need to be a online "super-guru" to make this work for you, you're sorely mistaken! It can work for almost anyone!

Believe me, most of the secrets he's sharing with you he's only revealed in his quarterly workships he holds in his office in Boise for $10,000 per head! You're getting extremely good value here--when you compare it to college tuition where you "might" get an entry-paying job when you graduate.

Like I mentioned before, you'll get to try out Russell's Micro-Continuity 2.0 weekly video coaching. We only ask that you pay a low fee of $4.95. It also helps us pay for overhead for hosting these videos and maintaining the site.

After the 14-day trial is over, your monthly subscription will start and the price of your personal video coaching will be just $97 a month, which is less than $25 a week--and $3 per day! (that's the price of a Starbucks a day!)  

Important Note: The Micro-Continuity 2.0 Weekly video coaching is a monthly service. It's up to Russell to give you as MUCH value as possible--you have total control on whether or not you want to stick with the program.

He's not trying to hide anything. You can easily cancel if you don't want to continue the coaching by going to and cancelling your subscription.

No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings.  You must be completely satisfied.  If not, he WANTS you to cancel your membership.

The reason I’m telling you this upfront is because I don’t want you thinking Russell is trying to pull a fast one on you. That’s not how he does business. If you're not satisfied you can cancel at any time.

So there's no way you can make a mistake here. But it's get's better:

You'll Also Get These 2 Valuable Bonuses!

I want to let you in on a secret...

Russell actually recorded that seminar that I went to!  YES, the SAME one that I learned how to build my whole Micro-C business! 

But he told me he was doing something crazy - he was going to give it to you in an instant download...and he was only going to do it for people who took action on his Micro-Continuity coaching program!

So when you claim your 14-day trial into Russell's email coaching, you are going to get audios for 100% FREE.

As you know, there is a VERY specific way Russell recommends you creating websites. Most people get the layout completely wrong and because of that have horrible conversions (I made this mistake myself!).

Russell got his team of graphic designers (yes, the SAME guys who did my site!) to create 10 Micro-Continuity style templates. Just open them up in your favorite website editor and you'll be ready to roll!!!

As you know, you can pay up to $197 for EVERY template you need designed and now that you'll know how to crank out Micro-Continuity sites fast, you're probably going to need a few new templates EVERY month.

Not only will these templates SAVE you a ton of money, they are going to lay everything out in a format that is PROVEN to convert. All you have to do is follow instructions on the mp3 player, and you're ready to roll!

Now in case you're wondering,

Here's why: Russell's stuff works. Pure and simple. The testimonials and case studies are only a few compared to the testimonials he has on file. We are REAL people who aren't considered "gurus" or contain special skills you don't already have.

He want to bowl you over with SO much value that he'll become the "go-to" guy when it comes to furthering your online money-making skills. He have SO much to share with you---strategies only a handful of people are aware of.

You see, Russell want to EARN your business. Giving a trial subscription to his flagship program to prove it will work for you puts the burden of proof on him.

I'm sure you'll agree the value is stacked in your favor. All you have to do is give it a try! Here's how:

In less than 5 minutes, you can have complete access to the 14-day trial of the Micro-Continuity 2.0 video coaching program, audios to the original 6-hour seminar, and the quick-start Micro-Continuity templates for only...


Click Here To Claim Your 14-day Trial of Russell Brunson's Micro-Continuity 2.0 Video Coaching Today

The trial for Micro-Continuity 2.0 is $4.95 for 14 days and you can cancel anytime. After the 14-day trial you will be automatically billed $97 every month unless you
cancel your subscription.

Your orders are secure. Your billing statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM and you will get immediate access to Micro-Continuity 2.0.

To Your Success!

Joy Anderson

P.S. I just wanted to stress that Russell has only a limited number of memberships available and they are going to go quickly. The Micro-Continuity 2.0 system has been a turning point for many online entrepreneurs whose raving stories are on this page--like mine! Now is your chance to join us by claiming your 14-day trial today...while it's still hot on your mind!


* The performance of the people featured on this page reflects exceptional results and are not typical for the general majority of users. The results of each person featured on this page can only be generally expected by other persons who use the Micro-Continuity 2.0 program in the same depicted circumstances as such person. Micro-Continuity 2.0 is a marketing strategy designed to help you promote and sell your individual product via the Internet; it is not a replacement or substitute for your individual product. If the circumstances surrounding your use of the Micro-Continuity 2.0 program differ from, including your products differ for those described on this page, you can expect results that are significantly lower.

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